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RESQ-Breezer Clearline II PVC-Einwegbeatmunsbeutel

1500ml ± 200ml
Hersteller: Servoprax , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: E5 04010-S
Lager: Lager


Disposable PVC resuscitation bag in a set with air bulge mask, O2 reservoir and O2 line.

  • Latex-free
  • Individually packed in bag
  • With integrated reservoir valve
  • Clear Line II Adults Children Babies
  • E5 04010-S E5 04020-S E5 04030-S
  • Body material: PVC PVC
  • Volume: 1500 ml±200 ml 550 ml±200 ml 280 ml±100 ml
  • Disinfectable/autoclavable: no no no
  • Pressure relief valve: 40-60 cm H2O 35-50 cm H2O 30-45 cm H2O