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Ampullenöffner Clic-Open

Hersteller: Boundtree Medical , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: IVU099
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  • Prevents sharps injuries by protecting fingers from glass cuts
  • Is hygienic and reduces contamination
  • Is easy to use
  • Is durable - opens up to 200 ampoules
  • Is flexible – opens pre-stressed and “easy-open” ampoules


Clic-Open is a handy gadget which snaps off the top of glass ampoules without leaving jagged edges. It can be used by anyone who needs to administer liquid drugs supplied in ampoules, including: Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics, Midwives, Ambulance staff, First Aiders and Patients.


  • Prevents sharps injuries by protecting fingers from glass cuts
  • Is hygienic and reduces contamination
  • Is easy to use
  • Is durable - opens up to 200 ampoules
  • Is flexible – opens pre-stressed and “easy-open” ampoules